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Health Insurance

Health insurance is more than just a product; it’s a safety net that can protect your financial assets against the risk of a medical catastrophe. Whether you’re affected by a major illness or unexpected injury, health insurance can help you avoid paying the high cost of medical expenses out of pocket.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help you cover the cost of keeping your teeth healthy and looking their best. Dental insurance benefits can pay for routine dental care to prevent cavities, as well as more comprehensive restorative and corrective procedures. Carrera Brokerage offers an array of dental insurance products from top insurance companies.

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability insurance is also known as paycheck protection or income protection. These products provide replacement income when a breadwinner is unable to work due to illness or injury. Disability insurance is essential coverage for business owners and high-earning professionals. Access to major insurance carriers in one convenient place. We help protect American’s paychecks and assets.

14 May

Social Security Payee Program

Fighting Senior Poverty through Law

20 Aug

AIDS patients fear discrimination in Affordable Care Act exchange

MIAMI — Patient advocates said some insurance companies are making HIV and AIDS drugs unaffordable in plans issued through the Affordable Care Act by shifting much of the cost to customers. Read more: AIDS patients fear discrimination in Affordable Car

13 Aug

If You Are a Senior - A Question You Should Ask When You Go To The Hospital.

When I am at the Hospital, am I in Observation status or Admitted in the hospital? It is a difference of thousands of dollars.