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Top 3 Reasons for Income Protection

#3 Reason: Secure Your Children’s Success

If you can’t meet or make your monthly expenses and pay your medical bills, how are you going to save for your children’s future? In the wake of disability, saving for college often falls to the wayside. If there is no safety net in place, your only concern will be financial survival every day, not saving for the future. You can keep your children on the debt-free college-track with a solid disability insurance policy.

#2 Reason: Safeguard Your Spouse

If you are the breadwinner of your family, you need to protect your paycheck. If you suffer a disability and can no longer work, your partner will likely need to work longer and harder to replace your income and cover medical bills. However, if you have disability income insurance, you can keep the bread on the table and prevent your partner from having to work multiple jobs.

#1 Reason: Preserve Your Confidence

Getting injured is stressful. Not working is stressful. Mounting piles of bills are stressful. When you are injured, extreme stress can lead to slower recovery times and cause depression. If you are already suffering physical distress, you don’t need the mental anguish the lack of income causes. You can avoid that pain and instill a sense of confidence with a solid income protection policy. With stress out of the picture, you’ll be back to work in no time!

The top reasons every working American needs paycheck protection

Top reasons every American needs paycheck protection

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