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2 Sep

The state with the most uninsured is…

Everything\'s bigger in Texas—including how many there are uninsured.

By Kathryn Mayer More than a quarter (26.3 percent) of Texans don’t have health insurance, giving the state the lowest rate of insureds residents in the nation, according to data released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau. Also on the low end of the spectrum are Florida (25.3 percent), Nevada (25.1 percent) and New Mexico (22.6 percent). Massachusetts—in part due to Gov....

28 Aug

Who runs your drug plan?

By Dave Marley

For years, pharmacy benefits managers, the third party administrators of prescription drug programs, have insisted that they save employers money by helping them negotiate prescription drug coverage with drug manufacturers. But pharmacists and other consumer advocates have often been skeptical of PBMs’ real value. How can a middle-man who makes huge profits help lower costs for the rest of us? A new...

26 Aug

Vying for voluntary

By:Denis Storey

It's (not) all about the Benjamins anymore. Or if it is, it's certainly about much more than a simple paycheck. Maybe it's the vast difference between generations sharing the same workforce or it's the post-traumatic stress we're all still suffering through even if we've survived what (we hope) has been the worst of a chronic economic (and political?) recession. Or maybe...

24 Aug

Hospitals Tally Likely Costs From New Readmissions Penalties

Re-admission Penalties

  By Jordan Rau - Across the country, hospitals are estimating how much money they are going to forfeit when Medicare’s new penalties for excess readmissions kick in. Hospitals are also issuing divergent verdicts on whether they think the program is a good idea or not. Starting in October, 2,211 hospitals will lose a portion of their regular Medicare reimbursements because too many...

24 Aug

Medicare Fraud Squads Wield New Weapons

Medicare Fraud

  By Sarah Varney, KHN Staff Writer Fighting health care fraud in the U.S. can seem like an endless game of whack-a-mole. When government fraud squads crack down on one scheme, another pops up close by. But the fraud squads who look for scams in the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs have some new weapons: tools and funding provided by the health...

15 Aug

Medicare To Penalize 2,211 Hospitals For Excess Readmissions

By Jordan Rau KHN Staff Writer

  More than 2,000 hospitals — including some nationally recognized ones — will be penalized by the government starting in October because many of their patients are readmitted soon after discharge, new records show. Together, these hospitals will forfeit about $280 million in Medicare funds over the next year as the government begins a wide-ranging push to start paying health care providers...

14 Aug

U.S. Alert - Three Senior Crimes Are on the Rise

Senior Crime on the Rise

Hear about one senior's experience with financial fraud and learn expert tactics on avoiding scams. Rising incidents of scams targeting older adults present an enormous threat to seniors' security, both financially and emotionally. Senior fraud victims may suffer long-lasting trauma that often erodes their sense of trust and well-being, eldercare experts have noted. Three crimes, in particular, are on the rise, experts...

13 Aug

Medicare to require prior authorization for power wheelchairs

Authorization for Power Wheelchair

  By Charles Fiegl, amednews staff Physicians in selected states representing more than 40% of power mobility device orders will need approval from a contractor before patients can receive the items. Washington Medicare will require doctors’ orders for power wheelchairs and scooters in seven states to undergo a prior authorization process by a contractor before suppliers can fill the orders. The Centers for Medicare...

9 Aug

Aging baby boomers face home health care challenge

Home health care challenge

  By John Seewer CLEVELAND (AP) — For the past three years, Taura Tate's mornings have revolved around caring for a woman who suffers from the effects of a stroke and diabetes. She cooks her oatmeal for breakfast, helps with showers and makes sure she takes the right medicine. Without the help of a home health aide, the woman, who's in her 70s,...

9 Aug

Labor Department, AARP Focus on Helping Seniors Gain Jobs, Retirement Security

Helping Seniors Gain Jobs

By: Alyssa Gerace  As unemployment figures remain high across the nation and some seniors struggle to attain financial security heading into retirement, the U.S. Department of Labor and AARPhave both launched initiatives in recent days aimed at helping the older population to get jobs, and, by extension, retirement security. AARP’s new service, called Work Reimagined, makes use of social networking to help experienced...

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