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What Is A Serious Illness?

By December 30, 2020Medicare

It is never easy for a patient to receive a diagnosis with a serious illness. Patients and their loved ones must navigate treatments, planning, setbacks, and numerous challenges while dealing with complicated emotions and fears. Recognizing the difficulties of serious illness, health insurance providers have set out to help, support, and ease the journey for patients, caregivers and loved ones. Ensuring access to tools, education, and services for patients and their loved ones during a difficult time can provide the opportunity to plan, allow patients to maintain their dignity and choice, and support loved ones to know their role and how best they can help.  

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Trends of enrollment and demographics of Medicare Supplements plans.

What Is Medicare Supplement? Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) is a key source of additional coverage for Medicare enrollees to further protect their health and financial security. Seniors purchase Medigap coverage to protect themselves from high out-of-pocket costs not covered by traditional Medicare, to budget for medical expenses, and to avoid the confusion and inconvenience of handling complex bills from health care providers. 

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